Local Knowledge




Cash machines: There are no cash machines in Grinton or Reeth but some of the shops offer a cash back facility for a small charge but this limited to opening hours. The nearest machines are in Leyburn, so probably best to bring some with you.


Castle Bolton: The village consists of a few houses and of course the Castle. There are no shops, so please bring everything you may need with you on the day.

Phone Signal: You will probably struggle to get a decent phone signal in most of the area. There is a payphone at Grinton Lodge and fingers crossed  slow wi-fi. You may have to drive to the top of the hill to get a signal.

Shops: There are no large shops / supermarkets in the area just small tearooms and village shops. So please bring any essential items with you.

Weather: In the dales we often have 4 seasons in one day, come prepared for everything!